BabyCakes Page 73: Sugarplum Cookies

I’m on a roll… back already with a new BabyCakes recipe!  Actually two, but I’ll get to that later.

These Sugarplum Cookies (apparently also known as Mexican Wedding Cookies) were my last cookie recipe in the book and I’ve been putting them off for a long time because, quite frankly, they just didn’t inspire me.  I’ve never had sugarplum cookies before and have to admit this is a recipe that I never would have made if I hadn’t committed to working my way through the whole book (I mean, there are donuts waiting in book two, friends – DONUTS).  But… since I have committed… here they are.

The underlying cookie is a pretty simple but pretty sweet spice cookie with cinnamon and a hint of nutmeg.  After baking, they’re coated in powdered sugar and filled with plum jam.

I was pleasantly surprised by these cookies.  First by the dough, which I ate plenty of in the baking process. Then by the finished product, because the plum jam is subtle and goes oh so well with the spice of the cookie and the super sweet powdered sugar coating.

Not sure these will make it on the staples list at my house but they were a nice treat.  And they are so cute!  Tasty AND cute.  What more could a girl ask for?

While I was in the kitchen I decided to knock out a BabyCakes drink recipe.  My post on BabyCakes Agave Lemonade coming soon!


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