BabyCakes Page 62: Gingerbread

That’s right friends, three ginger BabyCakes recipes in a row. Hey, I bought ginger. Why not?

As I said before, I was actually kind of excited to make the gingerbread because it involved a layer of BabyCakes frosting. But… it’s BabyCakes frosting… and therefore it’s temperamental. From what I recall, the last frosting attempt was in January with the Sweet Paradise cake when it turned out beautifully thick and set up perfectly. It did not do so this weekend for the gingerbread.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The gingerbread making itself was pretty uneventful. It’s another teacakes recipe that has “extra batter” which I chose to use on cupcakes. Not very exciting – I definitely preferred the final product in teacake form and think I actually (gasp!) trashed six of the eight cupcakes by Sunday night. Mostly due to the frosting drama I’ll discuss further below.

The final loaf, which I do not have a picture of because the camera battery died and we were already digging in, was very moist and definitely tasted of ginger and spice (and everything nice). The recipe also has one fourth cup of molasses. This seemed like a lot to me since I usually measure that stuff out by the teaspoon, but it added to the spice quality of the final product. And it gave me an iron boost for the weekend. Yay.

In short: it was good. Similar to a spice cake but not as sweet as the ginger snaps… but not so good that I would be inclined to eat it plain. Thus enters the frosting. And the drama. I’ll spare you the details (they’ve been written here before) but I ended up with vanilla sauce. Still so delicious – as always – but not beautifully spreadable. So to enjoy a slice we spooned the frosting “sauce” on top of the slices like so:

As I said, it was still delicious and really brought the gingerbread to life, but it was not the thick layer of frosting pictured piled atop the gingerbread in the book (and that I was really looking forward to). Sigh.

Enough with the ginger… partly because I’ve now made all three of the ginger centric recipes in the book. Next up: biscuits for my veggie-ful Easter brunch (unless I find something wonderful to make before then!).


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