Here we go… again

For those of you who have been keeping up with me the last year in my BabyCakes NYC adventure, thank you. I’ve baked over half of the recipes in the first book and stumbled upon more than a few gems that will be favorites in our house for years to come. And I have thus far managed to avoid the need for fat pants in the process. Whew!

While I am still completely infatuated with Erin McKenna and the amazingness that is her BabyCakes recipes, I recently decided to expand my blogosphere musings to include not only my BabyCakes attempts, but my various other veggie adventures as well… like my perpetual failure of a raised bed garden (despite my year-round perfect climate), the dinners I concoct in an often drama-filled effort to impress my omnivorous foodie husband, and my general attempts to eat yummy yet wholesome foods and veggie-nize just about anything.

So here I am… with a new name and a new look. You will continue to see my BabyCakes progression – I’m still bound and determined to bake my way through both versions – but in between those adventures I’m going to share a few other things as well… and keep you posted on all my adventures as a veggie living in paradise!


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