BabyCakes Page 67: Gingersnaps

That’s right – ginger again.  Maybe I don’t hate it after all.  At least not in baked goods… I remain suspicious of the little pink shavings that incessantly litter my sushi platters.

I can’t recall ever before eating a gingersnap, let alone making them.  As a child I generally shied away from the boring brown spice cookies in favor of those laced with chocolate chips or a certain candy coated chocolate.  These days, thankfully, I’m smart enough to know that if it’s in the BabyCakes book, it’s probably worth trying.  And these were no exception.

As it turns out, gingersnaps are really, really yummy.  As usual it’s likely my version is chubbier and more cakey than the BabyCakes version, but I loved them anyway.  The chubbiness might be due in part to the fact that I got distracted when I was adding the flour and lost track of the number of scoops I added.  So, I may have accidentally added 1/4 cup too much.  I didn’t stress about this possibility because Erin McKenna said in the description if you wanted a cakier cookie, add an extra 1/4 cup of flour.  My thought was that if I did overscoop it would work out either way, but now I don’t know if this is the same cookie I’ll get next time I make them by the recipe.  Oops – guess I really didn’t think that one through.

As usual, I had to adjust the suggested baking time.  I’ve pretty much mastered the baking time for the chocolate chip cookies with my oven and climate, so I used the same standard for these – 10 minutes, rotating 180 degrees after six minutes.   This seemed to work out perfectly.

In addition to ginger, these snaps are loaded with molasses and cinnamon too – and the combination of flavors was delish.  In a warm spice, holiday, homey kind of way.  They are like the comfort food of cookies and they were perfect with a cold glass of almond milk!  Judging by how quickly they disappeared at work today, my coworkers were big fans as well.

Ginger does it again.  I’m now actually excited to make the gingerbread.  Not only because I’m sure it’s amazing, but also because it’s recommended served frosted with a generous slab of BabyCakes frosting.  I can hardly wait.


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