BabyCakes Page 49: Johnnycakes

If you’re like me and have never before heard of something called a Johnnycake, do yourself a favor and make them for breakfast this weekend.  Especially if you live in a place where it still feels like winter.  You’ll thank me, I promise.
Full disclosure: I don’t think my Johnnycakes turned out anything like those coming out of the ovens at the BabyCakes bakery.  From the photo in the book, they are supposed to look more like a cookie or small pancake – flat and golden browned to perfection before being smothered in delicious agave nectar.  Despite my repeated attempts to thin the batter (I feared drowning out the flavor I was adding so much hot water), I couldn’t get them anything close to flat-as-a-pancake.  They do contain coconut oil (an ingredient with which I have a love-hate relationship at this point), so it is possible I did an inadequate job of melting the oil before adding it to my batter.
Nonetheless, these were a perfect breakfast treat on a rainy Saturday morning.  Rather than resembling a pancake, mine turned out somewhat scone like (you know how I love scones) with a distinct cornbread-esque quality.  It reminded me of the cold winter days my mom would make chili and cornbread, and I would proceed to drown piece after piece of cornbread in maple syrup.  The cornmeal in the cake and the agave poured oh so generously on top is a similar flavor, but is lighter and somehow comes across perfectly suited for breakfast.  Like I said, do yourself a favor and try them yourself.
As I mentioned, don’t forget to add generous amounts of agave nectar.  Yes, it’s breakfast, but I’m sure you deserve it!

We will definitely be making these again – maybe next time I’ll do a better job with the batter and we will get a flatter version.  If not, I’ll still be happy.  Just pass me the agave.

Also – HOORAY! I just passed the half-way mark in my little adventure: 26 down, 25 to go.


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