BabyCakes Page 114: Sweet Paradise Cake

Another cake! I hosted a dinner party last weekend and wanted to make something special for dessert. So, I took a shot at another cake.

Overall, this cake was a much better experience than the last one I made. For starters, I learned my lesson from the chocolate mint cakes and took it out when, and only when, toothpicks came out clean. This made removal from the pan in one piece not only possible, but uneventful! It also allowed me to keep all three layers.

The frosting. Oh the frosting. I was bound and determined to make real frosting this time, so I changed a couple of things in the recipe. I feel I have the right to take such liberties at this point because 1) I’ve made it strictly by the recipe many, many times and 2) lately that method hasn’t been working for me.

First, I substituted the agave nectar with powdered sugar. Higher on the glycemic index, I know, but I hoped the powder rather than liquid sweetener would help hold it together.

Second, I added an extra scoop of coconut flour. I’m going for thickness here.

Last, I only added the coconut oil to the point the mixture became thick in the blender. This resulted in me using about 1/4 cup less than usual.

And it worked!

It worked so well, in fact, that I didn’t even have to refrigerate the finished product. It just sat on my counter and remained beautifully in tact.

Hopefully this is not just a fluke of coconut oil behavior and I can replicate the results in the future. Standby.

Now, for the flavor. I loved this one! And, most of those that tried the mint chocolate cake agreed that this one was tastier.  It was akin to a strawberry shortcake – with layers of frosting and sliced strawberries between the cakes.

See those thick layers of frosting that are not melting away? Success!


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