Page 122: Apple Pie

Blogger note: I apparently drafted this in November and never published it! My apologies! Better late than never I suppose…

My Thanksgiving baking continues!

I had been wanting to make this apple pie for a couple of weeks… ever since I tried to make it and didn’t have spelt flour so ended up making apple crisp instead. While apple crisp turned out great, I was anxious to both cross this recipe off the list and take my first ever shot at making a pie.

Full disclosure: I was just a mess of efficient ideas gone bad this Thanksgiving. My downfall on the pie was my grand idea to make the dough for the crust the night before. The recipe calls for a 20 minute refrigeration between making the dough and rolling it out for the crust. I, somehow, took the liberty to think this meant I would obtain similar results by refrigerating it not 20, but 720 minutes.

Given what I know about the chemistry of coconut oil (an ingredient in everything BabyCakes it would seem), I cannot believe I didn’t think through what would happen to this dough after 12 hours in the fridge. And yet, I was shocked to find the pie dough had solidified into a rock hard disk when I pulled it from the refrigerator on Thanksgiving day.

Unfortunately, I had used up the last of my vat of coconut oil on the corn muffins so I couldn’t start over – my only option was to hope that when warmed to room temperature, it would magically transform back into workable pie dough.

I wasn’t entirely disappointed, but it was in no way as malleable as it had been the day before. I managed to roll it out, but it didn’t hold together well and it was tough to get a nice, thin dough (I also think it would help to invest in a real, heavy rolling pin rather than use my little pastry roller).

The high point in the making of this recipe was how amazing my house smelled when I roasted the apples for the filling. So yummy.

I also made a few baby pies in my new, adorable ramekins (thanks, Angie!!). I thought these were just the cutest little things ever.

The finished product was actually quite yummy, but the dough was a little dense. Like the corn bread fiasco, I think I have to accept responsibility for that and try it again – this time actually following the directions! While it’s probably tough to get a flaky pastry dough that is also gluten free, I can’t help but think it would have been lighter if I’d been able to roll it out as intended.

It may not have been super light and flaky, but the flavor was great and the BabyCakes roasted apples are just delicious! I really need to find more excuses to roast apples. And, since there is at least one more recipe (Apple-Cinnamon Muffins) that calls for them, I’m sure they will be making an appearance again soon!

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