Baking with Jaedyn

My niece, Jaedyn, visited me recently so she got to participate in a few of my most recent baking adventures.  Jaedyn loves to help out in the kitchen! Even though it’s sometimes messier, I love the “help” and miss having little fingers sneaking samples of ingredients like sugar and chocolate chips (both of which she happily eats by the handful).

Even though I, in classic fashion, totally forgot to photograph any of our adventures, my sister managed to snap a few photos of us making chocolate chip cookie sandwiches. That’s right… I’m training her well.

Stirring up the cookie batter
She was very proud of her work!
The perks of being a kitchen assistant
She stopped licking the beaters long enough to help me add the chocolate chips!

Little brother Jonah was eager to try the finished product
“This is how you make the perfect sandwich”
“Now you try…”

Licking frosting off your fingers is the best part!

Well done, Jaedyn!

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