The Quest Continues

If you’ve followed my BabyCakes quest at all, you’ll recall I have a love-hate relationship with the chocolate chip cookie sandwiches. I adore them (and they are in high demand by those lucky enough to have sampled them), but virtually every batch turns out differently.  Thus, they make for an unpredictable and sometimes frustrating baking experience. Lately I’m three for four in successful attempts. Given how delicious they are, I suppose I’ll take those odds.

Two of those perfectly successful attempts at the infamous treats were completed during girls’ night at my place. Not only do Brooke and Kim apparently serve as good luck charms… but baking with friends makes it even more fun. Plus, I feel slightly less gluttonous keeping only a third of the booty.

Also… frosting making recently became MUCH easier thanks to my new VITAMIX! I love it and we are having fun making lots of new blended treats. And, of course, perfecting the classics like my beloved frosting! After a couple of attempts at frosting with the new gadget, I am slightly sad to report it doesn’t always work miracles (at least one soupy post-Vitamix attempt logged to date), but I have discovered that a half batch in the Vitamix seems to perform consistently well.

YAY for the Vitamix!

A couple other items I’ve repeated lately but neglected to blog about:

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies (several times)… lately with walnuts thanks to an addition by Brooke that the hubby decided he really liked.
  2. Banana Bread with Walnuts… overcooked it this time! Sigh. I cannot win. But the 24 mini muffins I made from the extra batter turned out great. A small consolation.
  3. Brownies… warm with ice cream – will never get old!
  4. Blondies… still a few tucked away in my freezer!
  5. Apple Crisp… okay, this is actually kind of new and I suppose I should have photographed it. My apologies! I didn’t have the stuff for apple pie crust and the store had neither blackberries nor peaches, so I combined the apple pie filling with the blackberry & peach cobbler topping. Topped with ice cream and it turned out almost caramel-like. Very good.
So there’s the rundown. Only new recipes for awhile… I promise!

One thought on “The Quest Continues

  1. Oh man I burst out laughing when I got to that pic of you with the thumbs up in front of the blender…TOO HILARE!!! This post made me miss you so much, not just because it's been forev since you've posted (hint, hint, although I'm really one to talk bc I haven't written you an email in forev and owe you a huge update), but because I think seeing pictures of you is such a rarity (another large hint, hint for this blog!) that it's like spotting a celeb or something. Also, I do LOVE that finally you did post pics of yourself with the goods (I think I literally gasped out loud when I saw that you actually had pics of yourself in the post), but is it really too much to ask for a group shot of the girls together for sake of clarity? Or maybe two shots, one with you and each girl, with an appropriately captured description of who is in the picture? I mean who am I looking at here, is that Brooke? Perhaps Kim? I have no way of knowing. Maybe something like that hilariously captured "YAY for the Vitamix!" pic. You know, a caption under each with something like "Brooke and I with the cookies we made" or "Hanging out with Kim by the cookies!" It really just helps clarify things for the people who stalk you. And we'd really just appreciate that. We really would. Btw, still can't figure out how to change my signature name from "Jess and Sabrina" to just "Jess". But it's just me here. Anyways, the overarching theme here is that I'm grateful you posted again AND you posted pictures WITH you in them, because I do realize that beggars can't be choosers 🙂 I loved it.

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