Page 88: Healthy Hostess

It was time for another bake sale at work and I decided to be adventurous. This was, of course, after I had already made the obligatory chocolate chip cookie sandwiches. Plus I think these healthier hostess-like treats are just adorable and I couldn’t wait to attempt to recreate them.

I’m still not a fan of the BabyCakes cupcakes, but with the filling inside these babies it did help keep them moist!

Unfortunately I made this batch before I perfected the half-batch-in-the-Vitamix approach, so the chocolate frosting didn’t turn out so well.  The recipe calls for vanilla frosting on top, so perhaps I brought this curse upon myself. Anyway, without chocolate frosting I improvised with a fudge frosting made mostly from melted chocolate chips. I thought this ended up being more hostess-like anyway.
Could have been better, but I was tired and have all but given up on the BabyCakes cupcake. Still a few to go in the book, but probably won’t be making these babies again. Sad… they have such cuteness potential!
This being Thanksgiving week you should look forward to not just one but TWO new recipes this week! That’s right… making up for lost time here! 

One thought on “Page 88: Healthy Hostess

  1. First the Hawaii updates from Angie…and now more updates from you! Christmas came early this year!! Hahaha! Looks super cute, but seriously, I think the BabyCakes cupcake will just never work…it was super dry when I had it from the actual bakery. It just can't be done.

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