Page 121: Cherry Cobbler

After remaking the Blackberry, Peach, and Oat Cobbler (see previous post) for dinner guests last week, I decided I really wanted to try the BabyCakes book’s other cobbler, this one of the cherry variety. But cherries are always so pricey so I kept wimping out and going back to the blackberry and peach one. Plus, the Cherry Cobbler recipe calls for it to be made in eight 6-ounce ramekins, which, despite the fact ramekins are cute and I love cute things and my kitchen is full of lots of small prep and snack bowls, I do not yet own.

This all changed when I got an email from Whole Foods advertising their one-day Friday sale: organic cherries for $2.99 a pound. I was thrilled. And I bought five pounds. Still no ramekins but I figured at that price I could improvise and just make a large cobbler instead.

Also prompting my adventure was the fact that the hubby’s birthday was Wednesday.  Since he was out of town on the actual day of his birthday, I made him his favorite meal last night and the cobbler was slotted to be his birthday dessert.

I learned one very important thing in making this cobbler: I need a cherry pitter. Granted, it didn’t take as long as I feared to pit three cups of cherries by hand, but my right thumb is still stained dark red.

This cobbler is topped with pie crust like dough, as opposed to the crumbly goodness that tops the blackberry and peach version. By itself, I actually liked the crust better (and the dough was delish too) – but I think I prefer the crumbly topping over the fruit.

Still, it was quite good, and the presentation was a bit prettier than the other version:

We topped it with ice cream (the real stuff for hubby – it was his birthday dinner after all) and I added a candle, but unfortunately I didn’t get a picture because he definitely thought the candle was somewhat ridiculous. He just doesn’t get into birthdays the way I do.
Also – I still have approximately three and a half pounds of cherries so I might have to break out some other cherry recipes later this week…

2 thoughts on “Page 121: Cherry Cobbler

  1. YUM those cherries look amaaazing!! PICTURES!! MORE PICTURES! Give me kim. I loooooove the little tiny pineapple you have on your counter too!! Adorable!! Did you grow that? do all hawaiians have a standard small little pineapple on their countertops?? Out there are they like 2 cents a pineapple since they are so abundant? Also…HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Jared!! Awesome! Why aren't there any pictures of the birthday boy 😦 Why didn't he get into the candle. I totally would have. KIM!!!!

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