Page 98: Carrot Cupcakes

It’s been so long since I actually made these cupcakes that I have to take a minute to jog my memory about the endeavor. I’m sorry… I’ve been busy. Okay, I remember. Let’s go…

So first of all, BIG props to my amazing food processor! I love having this thing and it made grating three cups of carrots a cinch. Removing the orange tinge from the bowl was the only semi-annoying part of that ordeal.

These cupcakes included spices like cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg.  I’m not a fan of ginger… at ALL… but I do not dare depart from the recipes during my adventure through the book so I put it in and, of course, they were still delicious. I think the cinnamon and nutmeg covered it up. It may also have a little bit to do with the fact I went a little light on the ginger and no, I do not consider that cheating.

Bottom line: these were very yummy. But still not like cupcakes. Still more like a dense tea cake. They could be lighter and definitely more moist. I did discover that if I don’t fill the muffin cups too full it helps a lot because in the end the frosting to cupcake ratio is more appropriate that way. However, I didn’t do this on the first batch so I improvised by serving them to the girls at girls night like this:

And… this is the ONLY picture I have. So sorry. I guess I need to invite Kim over when I bake to appropriately document the process!
I also think I could maybe bake them for a little less time and that might help make them less dry. There may also be some secret about “cupcake tins” as opposed to “muffin tins”. The latter of which I guess I own. Or maybe not. I cannot tell from this slightly cryptic explanation in the front of the BabyCakes NYC book:
Muffin cups are slightly larger than cupcake cups, by about 1 inch in diameter. Because these vary in size, try to get the correct one for each recipe to ensure accurate baking times.
Does anyone understand this? Is she talking about the Texas size muffin tins or is there really a third size of muffin tins out there? If you get this or know anything about it, please interpret for me and, just possibly, save my cupcakes. Thank you.
One great thing about this bake session is that I think I finally mastered the frosting. Even if it isn’t easy. The process seems to be, for me and my kitchen equipment at least, as follows:
1. Mix liquid ingredients in the blender
2. Slowly add coconut oil and lemon, as directed
3. Once the mix gets to thick for your blender, pour into a bowl and mix the rest of the oil in by hand. (Really need that VitaMix… I’m convinced it will change my life. Much like the food processor I love.)
4. Chill
5. Once fully chilled, pour into food processor and blend. If it’s still too thin, add a little more coconut oil which, when it comes in contact with the chilled frosting, will thicken the mix.
6. FROST! Yay!
See, simple? Well, okay, not simple. But at least it’s predictable. I’m good with that for now.

One thought on “Page 98: Carrot Cupcakes

  1. Okay. First, how did you get the orange tint off your bowl? Second, if she says her muffin tins are one inch bigger than cupcake tins, her muffins have to be the Texas size, don't they?! Do you remember how big they were in the bakery? Now I'm curious. I guess this is something I could easily google, huh? 🙂 I'll get on that.

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