Page 77: Brownies

Or shall I say… brownie bites.  The book recommends that you make these little darlings in mini-muffin tins instead of in a casserole dish – so they come out in perfectly bite sized (or two bites for me!) gems. I was slightly preoccupied with making shish-kabobs and prepping for a Memorial Day BBQ so the pictures are minimal. My profuse apologies. You’ll get the drift.

Mixing in the chocolate chips

The finished product – such cuties!

I loved these! They were so chocolately and rich! Brownie bites were actually the very first thing I tried from BabyCakes when I was in New York – and the homemade version did not disappoint.

And… I made another batch of chocolate chip cookie sandwiches – and this time I was able to practice enough self restraint that they were still around when our friends arrived for the BBQ. They came out slightly different this time, but everyone still loved them. The cookies were not as chewy – I still have some perfecting to do with those persnickety little things – and the frosting… simply DISASTROUS.

Seriously. Went straight to the food processor this time and the texture resembled that of curdled milk. I also partially blame my coconut oil. Anyway, thank goodness these babies are best frozen because the frosting never really acted like frosting.

These sandwiches have become something akin to a stubborn child. It seems the frosting needs some magical combination of blending followed by a turn in the food processor, but only after being blended and chilled. And no two sheets of cookies have turned out the same. Even I am not that high maintenance. I think maybe the solution lies in new Vita-Mix blender. I’ll start working on talking to hubby into that one. I WILL master this!

Persnickety – but so worth it.

One thought on “Page 77: Brownies

  1. This. was. Hilare. Dealing with the cookies will indeed be good practice for the times your future children ever become unruly. HAHA!! They look reeeallll delish. I am almost tempted to get the recipe and try making these myself, although I think I am too lazy to collect all those complicated ingredients. And it sounds waaaayyy too complicated to actually be patient enough to make that biz. Too many steps. The brownies are ADORES and look absolutely perfect! no surprise there since you were the one that made them!

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