Page 126: Blackberry, Peach, and Oat Cobbler

To celebrate the end of our “absolutely zero sugar” diet last week, Kim joined us for dinner and I made cobbler for dessert on Friday night! It was wooooonnnnnderful! Even if there was only three tablespoons of sugar and 1/2 cup of agave nectar in the entire dish… trust me – it was perfect!

Mixing up the filling

Adding the yummy crumb topping
As Kim pointed out, it looks somewhat unbecoming in the before stage…

After – golden delicious!

We topped it off with So Delicous Vanilla Bean (coconut milk) ice cream and enjoyed it warm. The hubby had seconds and told me I could tell you so… just so you know I’m not exaggerating the delicious factor. Everyone (yep, even him) approved.

So delicious! Both the blackberries and the peaches were very good so I’m sure that helped make it extra yummy.  Definitely a successful BabyCakes experience… and a treat perfectly worthy of bringing an end to the week of zero sugar!
Credit is due to Kim for her wonderful photography skills for this post! Thanks, Kim!

One thought on “Page 126: Blackberry, Peach, and Oat Cobbler

  1. BEST!! Finally some pictures with you in it! Now you are just missing one of Jared eating that biz and your friend Kim too! You are looking fantastic after your boot camp class! I mean if I were to be honest I would say you look about the same because you always look fantastic and appear as if you have just finished a boot camp course at all times. Your hair looks real cute curled too! Well done on the no sugar thing. I laughed when you said it was THREE TABLESPOONS of sugar. Come on! I eat more than that during one lunch. That cobb looks suuuuuper delish, real jeals, I love cobblery things. LOVE your kitch too, so beauts! more pics of your place please! Kim! Get on it!

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