Page 33: Blueberry Muffins

This morning I gave the hubby several breakfast choices, including cereal (boring), oatmeal (I like oatmeal enough but come on, it’s Saturday), pancakes (okay, I do love pancakes), and blueberry scones.  But he was incredibly indecisive, so I cracked the BabyCakes book and thought, “why yes, I love scones but I do have an entire book to bake my way through and I also love blueberry muffins”. So… guess what we had for breakfast??

BabyCakes Blueberry Muffins are made with coconut oil, spelt flour and lots of other goodness, but the surprise ingredient was lemon extract! It wasn’t enough that I would lobby to change the name to “blueberry lemon muffins”, but it was enough to add a little hint of buttermilk-like tanginess. I bet that’s what Erin McKenna was going for. She’s so smart like that.

Mixing up the goodness:



They were yummy – but I do think I like the scones better. It might be the spelt flour but they had more of a corn muffin texture than a cupcake texture. These babies also have no white sugar – just agave nectar – so they weren’t super sweet. Which, as I think I’ve established, is how I prefer things but the hubby was not as impressed as usual. After the first one, we had the brilliant idea to pull some of the vanilla frosting out of the fridge…

Even better! I think we really might have to keep frosting in the fridge all the time now. Apparently, it goes with everything. Who knew?!

I have now learned my lesson and in the future will wait until the muffins have cooled before I blog about them. My apologies. They were even better the next day! Moist and delicious and the lemon was just… perfect. I’m a believer. These muffins are yumminess personified – no frosting necessary (but always allowed). 


2 thoughts on “Page 33: Blueberry Muffins

  1. Wow you are getting SO good at the blogging! Look at your little cupcake logo at the top and you got words to post in it!! Amazing! Very impressed! I love it. You are getting v. good at picture posting too! Something I would have enjoyed even more though is a picture of jared being "incredibly indecisive" HAHA! I can just imagine the conversation you guys had. Ah, the Schreffs. Love that you analyze your ingredients. I don't even think about ingredients, whatever the recipe says I just dump in. I am never like "oh…lemon extract? that is surprising! let me ponder on the reasons why the creator of the recipe would include such a thing in her recipe". I mean the recipe could call for one cup of small rocks and I would just dump it in and not think twice about it. You have such an analytical mind. It follows every aspect of your life. Very very impressive!Was Jared impressed with the muffins the second day? I think I am more aligned with his tastes. Lastly, loved this line: "I think we really might have to keep frosting in the fridge all the time now. Apparently, it goes with everything. Who knew?!"…I DID! I KNEW! FINALLY you understand that frosting goes with everything! God bless Babycakes for allowing you to see the light.

  2. Jared flew off to California before he could sample them on day two, Jess. Sorry! But my co-workers liked them. Does that count?

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