Page 91: Vanilla Frosting

Yep. Just the frosting. Granted, the intention here is to make the frosting now, chill it, and slap it between two yet-unbaked chocolate chip cookies later this weekend. But now that I have a bowl of BabyCakes vanilla frosting in my fridge, I know why they sell frosting shots in the store. It’s that good.

The whole batch only contains 1/4 cup of agave nectar, so the frosting is not overly sweet. My mother can attest to the fact I’m not a fan of sweet frosting… I was the weirdo who used to ask her for a piece of the cake before she frosted it. But this stuff is really mellow and between the coconut flour and the lemon juice, you would swear that a little bit of cream cheese snuck its way in there somehow.

My frosting factory, including the infamous powdered soy milk…

And the vat of frosting that resulted. Chilled it’s stiff like frosting, but at room temperature is spreads like soft, sweet butter.

After sampling (I definitely licked the spoon), I also realized that THIS concoction must be what they put on the biscuit I purchased in the BabyCakes shop. It was a biscuit with what I assumed was some sort of vegan clotted cream (refer to the scones post – this was a day of vegan euphoria for me) and jam. So, I threw some on one of my blackberry scones from earlier in the week, just to make sure my memory wasn’t fooling me. Since I was storing them in the freezer and do not own a microwave, I had an excruciatingly long wait while it thawed.

So delish! This scrumptious stuff is definitely going to be a staple in my house. Perhaps I’ll just keep a bucket of frosting in the fridge at all times now. I can only imagine how yummy this is going to be between two chocolate chip cookies! Stand by…


One thought on “Page 91: Vanilla Frosting

  1. You are getting better and better with the pictures! What a great blog. Incorporates feedback from its readers immediately. PLUS you did another post in such a short amount of time, this is amazing to me. Also, a few comments:1. I can't believe you were the one who asked for a piece of cake before the frosting was applied. I mean I can believe it since it appears your veganism was destined from the beginning of time, but still. Come on!2. "between the coconut flour and the lemon juice, you would swear that a little bit of cream cheese snuck its way in there somehow"…okay I for sure gave my MMHMMM look to this one. I think it's just been too long since you've had real cream cheese. 3. "After sampling (I definitely licked the spoon)" – LOVE how you state this, as is obvious you do not often lick the spoon when baking stuff. After I bake stuff I ALWAYS lick the spoon and the bowl too…and so does everyone else in the world except apparently you. HAHA!4. So hilare that you put the frosting in the scone just to make sure your "memory wasn't fooling" you. Seriously hilare. And you made it SO pretty too, I'd have just dunked the scone in the frosting to see if it was the same taste. And not just so I could see if my memory was fooling me, but just because if I had frosting available, I would dip everything in it. Anyways, Classic Anna – making everything look pretty!5. Love your blender.

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