Page 42: Raspberry Scones

I love scones. I love them at tea with clotted cream and jam. I love the blueberry scones at Starbucks – particularly the ones at Starbucks’ Chicago locations (they are different, I promise). I love the cute little mini scones that you buy in the plastic tubs at Whole Foods. I love scones.

However, most scones are full of butter and white sugar and eggs. Sigh. Therefore,  scones have become something I either pass on these days or indulge in with subsequent regrets. No more, my friends. Scones have returned to my life.

BabyCakes scones are made with whole spelt flour (one of many new ingredients filling my pantry these days), coconut oil, and agave nectar, among a few other things. This means there is no white flour, no white sugar, and… drumroll please… no butter! But you’d never know it. Even the picky hubby had seconds!

I did not have raspberries on hand so I used organic frozen blackberries instead (I know, you’d think that a person who spent weeks gathering such specific ingredients as coconut flour and potato starch could at least pick up some raspberries). However, fresh, tangy raspberries would probably make these even better. I also plan a blueberry edition in the near future. And maybe eventually a cinnamon version. YUM.

As a reformed Starbucks scone consumer, I also cut the scones into triangular shapes before baking, rather than drop them as round biscuit type creations as shown in the book and directed in the recipe. I did think twice about risking a different shape; the rule-follower in me feared being struck by lightning or burnt scones, but all for naught. They were perfect!

I whipped these up Sunday morning and the hubby and I enjoyed them warm. Then I wrapped the leftovers up individually and threw them in the freezer for safekeeping (sorry officemates, it only makes eight!).

So Monday morning, I enjoyed my coffee and scone for half the calories and none of the usual guilt. And I didn’t even have to stop at Starbucks on my way to work! What a happy Monday.


One thought on “Page 42: Raspberry Scones

  1. Wow, those look pretty good (even though I hate scones) and I love the pretty purple color that is on each scone! Here is the difference between you and I. You wrote:"However, most scones are full of butter and white sugar and eggs. Sigh."I would have written: "However, most scones are full of butter and white sugar and eggs. YUM!!!!"How'd you get that cursivey font to go on your page as the title? It looks just like the book! What! Also, VERY pleased with the frequency of your posts so far. You bake a LOT. So impressed. Oh and lastly, you figured out how to put me on your email list! Best!! Thank you!!

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