And so it begins…

Hello, all!

A couple months ago, my dear friend Jess bought me the BabyCakes NYC bakery cookbook (by Erin McKenna) as a birthday gift. Since I currently live a few thousand miles away from NYC, I had no knowledge of this amazing little gem on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. But Jess knows I love baking up (and more importantly partaking of) vegan goodness, and this little book was chock-full of vegan goodness. I happened to be in New York a mere few weeks later, before I had the chance to whip up any of the recipes, so I braved the crowded little shop to experience BabyCakes for myself.

It was amaaaaaazing! From the first brownie bite to the last chocolate chip cookie sandwich I was in a state of wonder. This woman is a genius… and the best part was… I already owned her secret recipes! Which, by the way, required no illegal action on my part. Whew.

So… here I go.  I’ve purchased a truckload of formerly unheard of ingredients (is it just me or does “Garbanozo-fava bean flour” sound entirely too healthy to be in something called triple-chocolate fat pants cake?), stocked up on chocolate chips, and paid almost $20 for the only can of powdered soy milk I could find on the island. There is no turning back.

So, feel free to follow me along as I bake my way through the BabyCakes book. You’re welcome to watch, listen, and if you’re lucky enough to live near me, sample! Though some of the recipes are out there already (google them if you must), I won’t be posting the recipes as I go. I know, and I’m sorry. But it’s obvious this woman has spent hundreds of hours perfecting these works of art, and her efforts should be rewarded. So, if you’re enticed enough to bake along with me – buy a copy and join in the goodness. Or else just stop by next time you’re in the neighborhood!

But be forewarned… these treats don’t last long around here.

P.S. – Yes, triple-chocolate fat pants cake is real… better start digging out the proper attire now.


5 thoughts on “And so it begins…

  1. Oh man this was fantastic. I got a shout out in the very first post! Can you do that thing where you add me to your distribution list when you do a new post? I cannot believe powdered soy milk cost you $20. The next time I am at whole foods, I will look into the price of the powdered soy milk (I am assuming they sell it there) and will ship it to you if the powder and shipping is less than $20. That is ridiculous. Also, are those normal chocolate chips you purchased? Is chocolate vegan? I just cannot imagine vegan things making anybody Fat, so if you do bust out the fat pants from this experience, I will need to see pictures for sure. Of you. In fat pants. Oh, also love how you aren't posting the recipes, such a moral person! Classic Anna! Excellent, excellent inaugural post!

  2. uh. okay. I cannot figure out how to change my name to say just "Jess" instead of "Jess and sabrina" from that one time we attempted to do that cupcake blog together. I will figure it out someday. But for now, this is just jess. Also, I Love the name of your blog!

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